Abstract Portrait Series: Mystery Woman Golden Form

This unique abstract is a one off derivative from my APS Golden Mask abstract portrait. Taken like the rib from Adam to create Eve. I used the “mouth” portion of my Golden Mask abstract to create Mystery Woman Golden Form. For me this is my take on the Book of Revelations description of the “woman who rides the beast”. What do you see?

This portrait is available for custom order as a print or behind acrylic glass. For order/pricing inquiries feel free to leave me a reply below or contact me on Instagram at SteveDzabaImages. Please allow 8 – 9 business days for delivery from your order date. I accept Cashapp, PayPal, & Venmo.

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2021. All rights reserved.

Image credit – Steve Dzaba

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