Nature Shots

While it hasn’t been the typical Summer we would expect temp wise, I was still lucky enough to get out and enjoy the great outdoors this Summer season (at least once) with my baby for a very special weekend getaway to Camp Kittatiny located in the Poconos.  The following were taken during that weekend getaway.

N S 11

Over The RiverThere’s just something so peaceful and magical about the river & trees that surround this water carved valley.This was pretty impressive to capture considering I don’t like heights.  Speaking of water carved check out the shot below. 😉Waters RunningI’ll tell ya one thing, if you have trouble sleeping try listening to the sounds of running water to put you in that dreamland state.  Worked wonders for us not to mention aided in that call of nature to release the “hounds” LoL.Running Waters IIThe sunlight came through the trees and gave a great shadow to the scenery.Reflections in the WaterThe waters were a bit calmer down at this end of the creek.

N S 3

N S 4

N S 5

N S 6

Large Tree SurroundNow that’s what I call looming large.Inside the Trees MouthMoss anyone?

N S 12

N S 13

Bridge over Waters

Camp grounds 4

Kittatiny Campgrounds Store

Kittatiny Sign

N S 14Uh yes please.  While I enjoy the outdoors showering daily while out in the wild is absolutely mandatory.  That being said I’ll tell ya what, the morning air is no joke after a shower out here.

N S 15

N S 16

Once we arrived at our campsite the next thing to do was set up our camp fire with the fire wood we purchased from the Kittatiny camp grounds store.  The grill was also sold to us there for about 15 dollars.  My mind went to happy thoughts of warmth by the fire and roasting marshmallows & smores.

Building a fire

N S 17

N S 18

En fuego

Our evening setting was set up with several candles lit in different areas around our tent and campfire.  Candle Lights & Camp fire

Night Grilling Over Open FlameDinner was flame grilled burgers.  There was something so organic about cooking over an open flame out in nature.  Reminding us that the comforts of today in a way blind us from how amazing it is to connect with nature.  The flavor of these burgers when they were done was incredible!  On our second day at Kittatiny after showering and cooking breakfast

Scrambled Eggs


which was simple scrambled eggs with cottage cheese peaches, and strawberries.  We took a walk down to where they do canoing and took some shots there.N S 22

N S 23

Now while it would have been nice to take a canoe tour, we didn’t feel the weather warranted it  as it was a bit chilly and over cast.  We decided on snapping some shots of those who did choose to canoe instead.N S 24

Besides canoeing there’s other activities such as Zip lines and Paintball you can participate in for a hefty fee.

Zipline Platform

Ziplines II

Here’s video of what it looked like live as people ziplined through the air on two parallel lines.  We retreated to our campsite for lunch.  For lunch we grilled some fish…

The Fishwe seasoned  the fish with simple seasoning salt black pepper an olive oil.Grilled fish Open Fire

The fish was cooked perfectly.  It was flaky and moist and just absorbed the seasoning and olive oil releasing such a great flavor and smell. I could eat this particular fish everyday.  By dinner time steaks were on the menu

Steaks II

Uh Yessuh! shout out to Patrons of the Pit!!

On our last day there we had grilled burgers again. I also want to give a big shout out to Bill and his family who we met on our second day at Kittatiny.  His campsite being directly across from ours.  Bill came over introduced himself and offered us a stack of burgers he and his family weren’t going to use as they were leaving early.   Thanks again for the awesome burgers Bill.

Burgers from Bill

Those are some tasty burgers!  Mmmm!!! Mmmm!!!.

Green Spider

Green Spider II

Almost got it but alas it got away.

On our last morning at Kittatiny we took shots of the hillside in the campgrounds (which were very steep I might add) and the water  on the road back to civilization.

Hillside 2

Roadside View of Water

On the RoadKittatiny I think it safe to say we’ll be back.  All images and videos are the property of (c) 2014.

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