The Scene: Livestock Pt.III

Press Play 😀

The Scene: Livestock Pt.III a collection of shots taken of the livestock from a cool cattle rancher who allowed us onto his property to fish while his cattle roamed and grazed the landscape.The GateEntering the cattle domainHeavy Brown & White CowThat look could be saying “this is my fashion face” or “what the hell are you guys doing here?”White CowThis cow followed us as we entered it’s domain initially running away from us but then following at a distance once we were passed it.White Cow IIBig BrownWith a massive Ceiba tree in the background a migration of the ranchers cows was under way and I happily took the opportunity to capture their images.Migration Under WayI’m not Hindu but I can see how they can revere these majestic animals.  In the U.S these animals are grade A hamburgers, steaks, pastrami, and roast beef.  Isn’t it amazing that animals that eat nothing but vegetation can grow to be so big, so powerful and yet so gentle?Big Brown 3This is one of my favorite image captures.  I love the color on this particular cow or as they say in Ecuador, Vaca.Family MeetingLooks like a family meeting is under way.At DistanceGrouping 3Grouping 4Black & WhiteWhite & BlackRunning CattleLastly, I leave you with the running of the cattle or bulls if you will.  Hope you enjoyed The Scene: Livestock Pt.III as much as I did.

All images are the property of (c) 2015.

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