Scenes of Montanita Portrait Series: La Calle De Los Cocteles

😀 Montanita SurfBesides being a tourist stop Montanita is also known for great waves and surfing.  I’m told many surfers from around the world come here to surf in much like in Hawaii and California. Montanita MuralThere’s some serious art work displayed here with colorful murals and graffiti on building walls.Montanita HostelsHere’s one of the many hostels in Montanita.La Calle de Cocteles Montanita is cool for the most part but you can’t help but notice that all it’s really geared up for is tourists.  Locals at seemingly every turn try to sell you on ceviche or a cheeseburger or any food offering they have.  It’s amazing to me that beef has exploded over here so much. Given the recent news about how red meat and pork are carcinogenic meats that should be avoided, that message hasn’t stopped the growth of the beef industry in Latin America from what I could see.Happy HourAll day happy hour…nuff said.Costumed She’s certainly embraced colors.

Stay tuned for more scenes from Montanita.

All images are the property of (c) 2015.  All rights reserved.

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