“My Soul”


I usually reserve this website for mainly photos of my work.  As I continue my journey on in this life, I find myself reflecting more and more with each passing year.  You get one shot at this.  Only one.  That realization is absolutely scary if not down right sobering.  What we choose to do with that one shot is in my opinion everything.  It defines us and the path we ultimately end up on.  I hope all visitors to this site see more than just random photos posted.

What you are witnessing is ultimately what is at the core of my soul.  You and I walk this amazing gift of life.  What you the visitor /observer get to see in perpetuity ultimately is…life, my experiences, my vision, my mood, my essence.  You have to be willing to take your time.  Slow down, explore, observe, analyse, and feel what http://www.frozenropephotography.com is.  While imperfect every facet of http://www.frozenropephotography is a chronological record in a period in my life documented from the beginning of the creation of this platform and the posts made to it.  Enjoy the ride as I do.  I’m not always certain of what will be the next photo/experience I post.  I usually know when it happens if you follow me.

Music is your time machine just as photos are.  With them you can travel back in time.  Experience what it was like to be alive at a certain point in time.  It’s amazing that this hasn’t been shouted more from the rooftops given the information and technological time we live in.  No sci fi film/movie so far has been able to capture this to my satisfaction though I have to say Quantum Leap the tv show was a favorite for what it was.  Salute to Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.

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