Landscape Portrait Series: “A Return to Ground Zero 2016 Edition”

😀 Press Play The EyeHere’s lookin at you kidSee the WorldArt work in the subway showing an eye in the center of the world seeing everything.Ground Zero in the distance

Millenium Hotel Behind UsConstruction still on going.In front of Millenium 2The rebuilding of Ground Zero is now 15 years in the making and still not finished.  Incredible to think it’s been that long already.Path way from the left side of the Path Train EntranceWalking to the center of World Trade Center Site.Ground Zero 3Looking at the Millenium and the construction ongoing from the other side.Freedom Tower B + W 6Ground Zero (Freedom Tower) aka One World Trade B + W Perspective.On the upper levelInside the amazing architecture below One World Trade.Looking down at the peopleAh the people.Conde Nast B + W Perspective

Conde Nast Conde NastCorridor B + W Upper LevelAt the end of the corridorUnder the Arch Straight On Upper LevelGreat architectural design somehow conjures Star Wars to me.  Where are the storm troopers?Upper level arch One World TradeFollow the lightsLower LevelIt could be the exoskeleton of a dinosaur above us.  I was hoping that the other part of the hub was completed so that I could get more incredible shots but alas this is where our tour ends till the construction is completed.  Stay tuned.

All images are the property of (c) 2016.  All rights reserved.

Photo credits – Steve Dzaba

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