Car Portrait Series: New York International Auto Show 2016!!! “My Fantasy Garage”


So having wanted to go to the New York Auto Show for a couple of years now, I finally got my chance this past Friday.  The following are shots of some of the vehicles that were on display.  This is eye candy galore.  Check out my fantasy garage.  We’ll begin with the Audi’s. Yellow AudiThe Yellow Audi R8 Can you say V10 Engine?Yellow Audi Side ProfileThe Yellow Drop TopGreen Audi R8This is what I dub the “Green Machine “R8White R8“The Storm Trooper” White R8BMW i8And now onto my beloved BMW i8.  In the immortal words of “Friday’s” Bernie Mac, Calord Have Mercy!BMWi8 Angled Rear Profile

NYC Taxi Exotic Car EditionImagine this is your taxi on the streets of Gotham…NYC Taxi Edition Exotic Car 2Stay tuned for Part 2 of my fantasy car garage.

All images are the property of (c) 2016.  All rights reserved.

Photo Credits – Steve Dzaba

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