The Son Of Rose: Origins

The Son Of Rose: Origins (A Short Story Series)


Steve Dzaba

There was once a great and powerful warrior clan known for its military strength, ruthless efficiency, and deadly fighting techniques known as the “Nine Deadly Arts”.  Emperor Kova the unquestioned leader of this deadly warrior clan lead his army of assassins and mercenaries over many lands conquering and amassing great wealth and status.  This filled Emperor Kova with great pride but also great emptiness until he conquered the land of Rosemador.

There he found a young and very beautiful maiden among the poor populations.  Emperor Kova having tired of war and approaching late middle age decided that life was about more than conquering and amassing great wealth and power.  He would woo this young maiden (30 years younger than he) whose name was Rose.  He would have a palatial palace built and make Rose his Empress.  He began teaching his new queen the secrets of the “Nine Deadly Arts”.  The Emperor’s lieutenants who were young and thirsty for more exploits, & spoils of war wanted to continue traveling, conquering, & amassing wealth and power and the Emperor’s change in disposition frustrated them.

At first they appealed reverently to Emperor Kova to go out with them to pursue war yet again but, he would hear none of their appeals.  Emperor Kova insisted that they stay in the land of Rosemador, find wives, and take on other industries of interest instead of the pursuit of war.  Rose soon became pregnant and this news brought immense joy to Emperor Kova who had begun to decline in health and often required longer periods of rest indoors.

News of the Emperor’s declining health reached the ears of three of his highest ranking generals Atrius, Rayke, & Kem.  These generals had each been taught only a part of the “Nine Deadly Arts” and each had mastered only two out of the nine.  Rose would grow wise as time and her pregnancy went on.  She would tend to Emperor Kova as often as she could and tell him about her upbringing and what Rosemador was like before Emperor Kova & his warrior clan arrived.

He would continue to teach her the “Nine” even after their son the crown prince was born.  Three years after the birth of their son Emperor Kova’s health began to decline even more rapidly.  So much so he was bed bound most of the time and barely eating.  Atrius, Rayke, & Kem perceived their time to seize control over the Kingdom was soon at hand.

To be continued…

Image is the property of (c) 2016.  All rights reserved.

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