The Son Of Rose: Return Of Kova II




Steve Dzaba

It’s early morning the sun has barely begun to break dawn and Kova II is out in the forests again training and contemplating all that he’s learned over the past few months.¬† Training has become his obsession and wanting to have mastered the “Nine Deadly Arts” is driving him as much as the thought of getting retribution for his father’s assassination and the years of seclusion he, his mother, and Rendu have endured the last 15 years.¬† He trains pushing himself hard with incredible feats of flexibility, dexterity, speed, strength, power and endurance.

We see Kova II¬†display eight of the nine¬†deadly arts¬†that he’s mastered.¬† The first¬†of the “Nine Deadly Arts”¬†utilizes twin swords and¬†a flow of movement style reminiscent of a Snake & Honeybadger in it’s fluid and stealthily quick movements.¬† The second¬†deadly art he practices¬†is that of the Aligator with powerful use of whips made of dried vines, leather¬†and ropes¬†simulating the tail of an alligator and “the death roll”, the¬†third deadly art¬†is a composite known as “Lion Meets Tiger & Leopard Stalking Jaguar¬†Under Cheetah”¬†ferociously athletic and powerful cat like movements in two forms the female which is quicker with more guile, agility¬†and technique and the male which has incredible raw brute athletic power, speed, and agility.

The¬†fourth¬†deadly art¬†is that of¬†“Great Crane” with¬†swift sharp linear stabbing motions and crippling joint attacks.¬† The fifth deadly art Kova II displays is¬†the “Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino” which utilizes¬†multiple aggressive brute force attacks including “Mad Elephants Teeth” and “Thrust Of the Rhino’s¬†Horn” both are exceedingly deadly when used with a bow staff, spear,¬†batons, sword, or any knife like weapon.¬† The sixth deadly art is¬†that of the “Ram’s Circle¬†Of Influence”¬†specializing¬†in ramming, drop¬†and launching attacks with devastating and debilitating strikes and blows using the head, and legs.¬† The¬†seventh deadly art is that of the hummingbird which incorporates unbelievable¬†levitation and use of the wind in extraordinary powers generated¬†by combining motion¬†with the air. It’s exceedingly fast movements¬†and exceedingly quick strikes are recognized seconds after the blow registers.

The¬†eighth¬†deadly art¬†is that of “Golden Eagle” with grips¬†of incredible power and moves reminiscent of the bird of prey after it’s name, The¬†ninth deadly art is¬†known as the “Hands¬†of God” which Kova II has yet to master.¬† It involves¬†the added abilities to teleport, levitate,¬†and telekinesis¬†combined with¬†the ability to¬†adapt and move in any form of mammal, animal, reptile, insect etc, in complete mastery of his body, mind and spirit working in complete concert perfection. This is the most deadly of the “Nine” because there is no method to it’s style it’s completely random, highly sophisticated¬†utilizing complex compound movements as well as improvisation based on what is encountered.¬† There¬†is only instinct, reflex, reaction, counter, anticipation, & adaptation.¬† It is chess at the highest level.

In a flashback we see the grips Emperor Kova used when he shattered the forearms of both Rayke and Kem, we see the powerful leg kicks like that of the Ram with the speed and power that nearly severed the leg of Atrius as well as him being flung across the room through one of the burning lamps.

Unplanned Meeting:

Now it just so happened one afternoon while both his mother and Rendu were out in a neighboring¬†town trading goods, a few of the soldiers of the empire happened to be in the neighborhood of Goldell looking for amusements while on leave.¬† They’d heard that the cousin of another soldier had visited the small town within Goldell where he quenched his earthly¬†desires with several young and very fair maidens.¬† Innocents as he would boast.¬† The soldiers decided to find out if this was worth the trip themselves.

Six soldiers¬†entered¬†Goldell on leave and kidnapped several young girls from the town to rape in the forests outside the town and out of view of the townspeople.¬† Their abductions were couched¬†with the excuse that¬†the girls¬†were desired for questioning as to the whereabouts of the legendary Kova II.¬† By now his name was merely myth and belief in either he or his mother’s existence had faded.¬†¬†Unlucky for these soldiers they happened to pull their stunt with the young virgins near Kova II’s¬†training¬†grounds in the forests.¬† The screams of the young girls for help alerted Kova II who would stealthily approach the location he heard the screams emanating from.

Soldier #1 “Shut your sloppy mouth slag all we want is some of your sweet queefloaf! Give us¬†here! From the tops of trees Kova II descends on the soldiers in the process of attempting to rape the girls.¬† He shatters the spines of two of the soldiers¬†when he¬†lands on them with the force and power of a ram from the tree tops.¬† He leaps to his feet and back up into the waiting branches of the trees before the other soldiers have a chance to see what hit their two comrades who are on the floor unable to move and barely able to do¬†more than moan.

Soldier #4 “What just happened what was that?¬† He and the remaining standing soldiers look all around them trying to discern what just attacked the other two soldiers.¬† The maidens continue to call for help.¬† One is given a backhand slap to the ground by Soldier #5 “I said shut up slag”. “You, just watch them while we search the perimeter.¬† Soldier #6 stays with the¬†three maidens.¬† The other soldiers fan out in differing directions.

One by one the remaining soldiers are picked off in the forests by Kova II.¬† As one soldier stands under a tree scanning the surrounding trees¬†a rope quickly descends around his neck and he’s jerked upward into the air where he’s hung from a tall branch of the tree and suffocates to his death as his feet kick and search for the ground.¬† The next soldier hears rustling in the tree leaves he looks up but sees nothing when his gaze returns to the ground he is struck with a ferocious roundhouse kick that sends him flying back first into the trunk of a tree he lands shattered and dead.

The fourth and fifth soldiers are walking together both now panicked as they realize their comrades are not with them nor are they responding to their calls.  They walk cautiously and slowly deeper into the forest.  Kova II descends very slowly behind them without making a sound.  He stalks behind them mocking their walking cautiously before leaping up into the trees above them as they turn around abruptly to see if they are being followed.

They see no one and turn back towards their front.  Kova II descends once again and proceeds walking closer to them he does a front flip a split second before they turn around again.  This time when they turn back around they are face to face with a menacing Kova II.  They look at each other and attempt to run away but are stopped.  Kova leg trips soldier #4 and throws a projectile at the back of the fifth soldier which hits him between the shoulder blades and drops him.

Kova II quickly makes his way to the fourth soldier and says nothing.  He reaches the soldier who feebly attempts to counter and swings and misses with a wild swing of his sword.  Kova II grins wide before allowing the soldier to continue to swing at him moving out of the way of every strike as if he were dancing.  He leans in and under the sword arm of the soldier and dislocates his shoulder with an upward thrust into the ball and socket joint using the top of his own shoulder.

Soldier #4 shrieks in agony and falls to the ground.  He tries to crawl and his ankle is stomped on.  He shrieks even louder pleading for mercy and his life.  Soldier #5 tries to tackle Kova II from behind and receives several  gut punches and back-fists within a quick series that render him unconscious.  Kova leaps up into the trees once again and heads towards the last soldier with the girls.

He finds them with the girls held at sword point.¬† He tells the sixth soldier to drop his sword and to let the girls go.¬† The soldier claims he’ll kill them if Kova II comes any closer.¬† “I don’t know who you are but you’ve made a very serious mistake.¬† You’ve gone and stuck your nose in the business of the imperial army.¬† You and your family are dead.¬† Do you know that?”¬† Kova looks at him¬†with indignation.¬† This is your last warning release the women and you’ll keep your life long enough to deliver¬†a message¬†to your emperors.¬† The soldiers hands are shaking as he studies the physique and the eyes of Kova II.¬†He drops his sword and the young girls run away back to their town.

Kova speaks to the soldier: “Tell¬†your emperors that their reign on the throne is coming to an end.¬† There is a reckoning coming and they will answer for their crimes.” The soldier asks of him “And whom shall I say sends this message?”¬† Kova II responds, “Tell them the Son Of Rose”.

To be continued…






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