The Son Of Rose: The Ghost Blue Council (Imperial Tests)

😀 Ascending To The ThroneThe Ghost Blue Council: This council is a comprised of elite of the elite warriors loyal to emperor Kova I, his wife empress Rose and heir to the throne Kova II.  They have remained clandestine and vigilant anticipating the return of Kova II.  They have been taught and mastered Seven of the Nine Deadly Arts. Even so the scrolls containing their skills are kept safe and hidden by empress Rose.The Nine Deadly Arts "Scrolls"Above are eight containers for the eight scrolls containing the teachings, philosophies and techniques of the Nine Deadly Arts: Snake & Honeybadger, Alligator, Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino, Crane, Hummingbird, Rams Circle Of Influence, Lion Meets Tiger Stalking Jaguar Under Cheetah, & Golden Eagle. The Ninth Deadly Art “Hands Of God” is not pictured as it’s invisible.  It’s the greatest of the “Nine”.  The symbol in the middle of the scroll container of each of these scrolls is that of the Sword of Omnipotence. The Sword of Omnipotence was the weapon of choice for Emperor Kova. Emperor Kova & The Three TraitorsEmperor Kova as he was held by Rayke & Kem before Atrius delivered the death blow.

Int. Imperial Palace – Night

Kova II makes his way to Rayke’s chamber as the council gathers at and blocks the entrance door to prevent anyone else from entering the chamber after Kova II enters.

Rayke: Master of Deadly Arts “Alligator and Crane”

From a humble background this future emperor started out much the same in life as that of a typical peasant.  Large family, too many mouths to feed and at age 13, forced out of his home to fend for himself in the streets of the local villages.  After years on his own Rayke leaves his home town in search of opportunity hustling for any quick money he can fighting larger opponents.

Rayke meets with and is beaten by a young member of a warrior clan and seeks to learn the techniques used to defeat him.  He is introduced to a captain who puts him thru several tasks before he’s allowed to join.  Soon after he gains entry into the clan he’s an apt pupil.  Years later he meets Atrius and Kem as they are all members of this expanding Warrior Clan of the “Nine Deadly Arts”.

They are trained by other higher ranking member warriors who are told by emperor Kova which warriors will be taught what art in which they will have the opportunity to master that art.  Rayke never wanting a boring life or poverty and weakness sought ways and means to obtain and amass as much as possible in life without limits. His desire for more, to be important, to amass power and notoriety to no end corrupt him and lead him to betray the former Emperor.  He wants the empire to continue to expand and bring him more wealth, more notoriety, the affections of numerous beautiful women and excess in any manner. Now he’s come face to face with destiny.

Int. Rayke’s Chamber – Night

Kova II enters the chamber it is brightly lit in every corridor.

Kova II slowly walks into the center of the chamber.  He surveys to his left and right the corners of the room.  He sees torches lit and burning strong as the sound of flames crackling fill the quiet of the chamber.  Surveying the room, Kova II notices fine crafted objects throughout the room.  From vases to brass poles and iron sculpted images.  In another corner of the chamber he notices a sword rack that has what appears to be twenty different sword types.  Kova II spins around quickly to see if Rayke is behind him.  He sees no one and suddenly from above Rayke descends on him with a devastating drop kick from the ceiling.

Kova II hits the ground hard.  He searches the room with an alert gaze.  Rayke has disappeared from view once again.  Kova II gets to his feet and starts toward a torch on the wall in the corner of the room.  He gets within a foot of a torch and stares at it for a moment.  Suddenly the torch comes off the wall with great force and hits Kova II in the side of the head dropping him to the ground.  He receives a stiff kick to the ribs.  As he looks up from the ground he can see emperor Rayke’s clothing is painted in the color scheme of the walls of the chamber.

It’s how he blended into the scene and appeared to disappear before.  Just as he starts to get to his feet, Rayke comes lunging in with stabbing moves from the art of “Crane”.  Several blows are blocked and parried by Kova II.  Rayke unexpectedly switches to “a variant unknown style derivative of Crane” he throws several short kicks and punches in succession before flipping onto his stomach in a crouched position resembling an Alligator.  Kova II goes to “Lion Meets Tiger Stalking Jaguar Under Cheetah”.  A bit thrown off by this unfamiliar fighting style Kova II is being more cautious of Rayke’s movements.

Rayke “Your skills are excellent “Son of Rose” or shall I call you Kova II? Kova II glares at Rayke before he replies.  “Traitor, thief, murderer and enemy to the throne… I trust you have lived your fill because there is no dawn for you after tonight. This day is the last day that you shall have seen the sun.” Rayke “We shall see boy!”   Rayke pulls out a special whip that has razors on it’s end.  He unleashes the whip with fury at Kova II who manages to dodge several swings.  Rayke “Come and receive your reward boy!”  On the very next swing of the dangerous whip Kova II spins in with incredible agility and not only dodges the blow of Rayke but delivers a devastating spinning backfist that sends Rayke flying and his whip out of his grasp.

Rayke collects himself and continues to fight.  Both men land significant blows but Rayke begins to weaken.  Kova II appears to tire as well.  Rayke tries to strike with a “Crane” lunging stab.  Kova II does a forward flip and delivers an unorthodox kick that lands on the top of the extended forearm of Rayke that was shattered in two places by Emperor Kova.  He feels a metal object is covering the forearm as the kick lands.  Rayke lets out an agonized grunt in pain.  Kova II points at Rayke’s forearm and shakes his finger disapprovingly.  Rayke does a series of jumping wild spinning kicks while swinging his whip in an attempt to catch Kova II off guard.

His mistake leaves him open and Kova II counters his kicks with a debilitating forward round house kick that crumples Rayke to the ground.  Kova II drags Rayke to his feet and proceeds to throw punches to Rayke’s face he can’t register as they are landing with blinding speed in succession.  Rayke throws a desperate haymaker that is blocked by Kova II who then uses one of “Golden Eagle’s” grips and just as his father had done he snaps Rayke’s other forearm in two places.  A shrieking howl comes from deep within Rayke’s belly.  Kova II tosses Rayke to the ground near his rack of swords.

He watches as Rayke crawls towards the rack and tries for one of his weapons.  As Rayke makes it back to his feet he removes a sword and turns to face Kova II who has that object in his hands he had in the woods near Goldell.  He throws it and it ricochets off two walls and comes in at an angle severing the right forearm of Rayke.  He shrieks yet again as his arm holding the sword falls to the ground.

Ever defiant he curses Kova II “You useless piece of quivage… you cut off my arm!!!! Aghhhhh!!!  He staggers back and forth unable to hold anything with his other arm after his forearm was snapped.  He cries out for Atrius and Kem to help him as Kova II stalks towards him.  Kova II using “Hummingbird” jabs Rayke in a vital pressure point in the torso.  Rayke gasps repeatedly after being jabbed.  He staggers around before falling to the ground writhing.  Blood begins to come from his mouth.  Internally several of his organs begin to rupture and bleed into his abdomen.  He gurgles and spits up mouthfuls of blood before crying out in pain and dying on the floor.

Kova II then hangs Rayke in the center of the room with his whip over a cross beam in the ceiling of the chamber. Kova II removes the piece of protective metal that was covering the injured forearm and leaves Rayke’s severed arm; sword and all on the ground beneath his body.  He exits Rayke’s chamber and heads for Kem’s.

Kem master of “Rams Circle Of Influence & Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino”

Int. Kem’s Chamber – 3am

Kem at the time of his initiation into the Warrior clan had been known as the village swindler.  He was more advanced than his peers in every phase of development.  Possessing the body of a man while still pubescent. Kem chose to use his mind far more than his size and strength as his advantage.  He always thought of ways to con something from someone.  A lieutenant on leave noticed Kem swindling  some neighborhood kids for their apples and berries in a game of shells on a table.

He meets with the lieutenant soon after making his con and convinces the lieutenant he’s actually 17 years of age instead of his real age of 13.  Atrius has been in the warrior clan and as is turns out is the half brother of Kem.  Their father fathered several children with several young girls in the village during his periods of leave.  They find out through their mothers who were each intimate with the lieutenant and were virgins prior to being with him.  Atrius encouraged Kem’s proclivity for theft from childhood and always acted as big brother to Kem.

Kova II pulls open the chamber doors and enters Kem’s chamber as the Ghost Blue Council now gather at and block the entrance to Kem’s chamber.  Several council members stand in the door way behind Kova II not moving but observing.  He has a souvenir from Rayke in his hand and slips it on over his forearm.  Unlike Rayke’s chamber, Kem’s is much darker.  There are two torches burning on opposite sides of the entrance to the chamber and nothing more.  Kem the largest in physical stature of the three emperors lurks in the darkness.  He addresses Kova II.

“We all knew you’d come back some day in search of revenge.  Our hope was to have ended you and the empress your mother just as we had your father who had outgrown his usefulness to both the clan and the empire.  There is no other aim no other objective than to have it all.  Control it all.  Rule…it all!!!”  Kova II “Treacherous dog your time is at hand.  You have a debt weighing in the scales and it shall be paid in full.  Face me and embrace… your destruction.

Kem “Foolish boy it is you who faces destruction.”  Kem pulls out a bronze colored staff.  With all his mastery of “Rams Circle Of Influence” and “Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino” Kem launches into attacks using his staff. Kova II does well to avoid most of the blows thrown and the metal forearm protection comes in handy as he uses it to deflect blows from the bronze staff emperor Kem is using.

Kem rushes Kova II with his staff striking Kova II in the leg dropping him to the ground after he deflected the first blow.  Kem unleashes a powerful swinging back hand with the bronze staff.  It’s caught and trapped by the Golden Eagle grip of Kova II who then twists the staff so hard it forces Kem to release it or risk having his arm twisted and snapped.  Kem smiles and nods at Kova II.

He then pulls from his waist twin crescent shaped blades.  Kova II goes to “Hummingbird”.  Kem rushes at Kova II who sidesteps and delivers a sharp quick jab to the jaw.  Kova II leg sweeps Kem on his next attack dropping the massive emperor to his back.  Upon regaining his balance Kem tries for a double swing with both blades and receives a powerful kick from “Lion Meets Tiger Stalking Jaguar Under Cheetah” for his trouble.  Several teeth fall out from Kem’s mouth as he spits blood.

Kova II now rushes Kem with the speed of a big cat launching himself into the air and delivering multiple powerful blows with both fist and foot.  Kem is woozy and pulls a silver dagger from his side and hurls it at Kova II.  Kova II catches the blade and drops it to the ground.  Kem retreats to the rear of the room and presses on a piece of the wall that opens up a hidden passage way he rushes into. Kova II follows after him.

 Int. Atrius’ Chamber 

A mirror moves from it’s place on the walls of Atrius’ chamber and from behind it Kem rushes into the room.  Atrius remains seated as Kem enters and disappears into the confines of the room.  Kova II enters as the mirror moves back into it’s place in the wall.  Inside Atrius’ chamber the décor is something Kova II has never seen.  The chamber has been remodeled with golden accents on every piece of furniture or furnishing.  There are mirrors the height and length of the walls covering from floor to ceiling the entire chamber.  From Porcelain and gold vases to diamonds set in marble tiles leading to the Imperial wash room opulence is on full display.  Atrius’ chamber is of equal size as the chambers of both Rayke and Kem.   However being mirrored every where it appears to be double in size and length.

When Kova II enters the chamber he sees Atrius hooded sitting on a golden embroidered chair with white gold colored plush seating and backing.  There are three large diamonds in the chair.  Two the size of apples are each embedded into the ends of the armrests as grips.  The third Diamond which is the size of a melon is embedded into a golden frame for the head rest that sits just over the top of Atrius’ head.  Kem is hiding in the chamber.

Directly behind his throne chair sitting in plain view between several sets of tiered glasses is The Sword Of Omnipotence.  Emperor Kova’s sword. The Sword Of OmnipotenceThe Sword of Omnipotence: The Imperial Sword of Emperor Kova

The ultimate trophy in the possession of his assassin all these years.

The “Ghost Blue Council” has gathered inside the chamber and watch as Kova II prepares to battle the last two emperors in his way.  Kova II stands within feet of Atrius.  Atrius rises but then immediately clutches his abdomen before pulling out his sword.  A very sharp double edged long yet slender blade with a diamond in the handle with black tint on its edges.  “I’ve been expecting you for quite some time young Kova.”

Kova II approaches Atrius and the two begin combat.  Atrius goes to “Snake & Honeybadger” and manages to deflect and keep Kova II at bay.  Atrius suddenly moves with the speedy zig zag move used against the imperial guard 15 years earlier and lands a blow to Kova II’s abdomen that drops him.  He retreats back a few feet as Kova II flips up off the ground onto his feet.

Suddenly from behind Kova II’s dropped with a crushing blow over the back from an iron staff Kem is wielding.  Kova II rolls over onto his side in time to see the iron staff coming down at him with speed.  He rolls out of the way of the strike just in time and another blow is reigned down that his protective metal plate on his forearm receives the brunt of.  The next swing of the staff comes and Kova traps it with his legs spinning and twisting the staff and tossing Kem to the ground.  Atrius lunges in with his sword and narrowly misses stabbing Kova II.  Kova II’s eyes search the room for Kem while wary of Atrius.  Kem has disappeared from view once again.

Kova II sees Atrius rushing in towards him with another sword attack.  He waits till Atrius is within range and delivers a jump spinning back kick in the opposite direction.  The kick lands flush on Atrius who was actually behind Kova II as the view from the mirror was deceptive of which direction he truly was coming from.  Atrius is sent flying backwards and his sword flies out of his hand landing on the floor.  Kova II retrieves Atrius’ blade.  Kem reappears from the shadows and reflections in the mirrors and attacks with “Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino”.  He has a mace in one hand and a sickle in the other.  Kova II changes technique to “Golden Eagle”.  Kem slashes and lunges in with both the mace and sickle in his hands.  He misses both attempts at wounding Kova II who’s begun to time Kem’s movements.  Atrius starts to circle from Kova’s II left side.  Atrius “You will meet the same fate your father did boy!!

The rule of the empire is ours!”  Kova II says nothing as he in turn is circling Atrius mindful of Kem.  Atrius feints throwing a kick at Kova II who reacts in anticipation but raising his leg receives a slash to his back from Kem.  Kova II yells out in pain.  Kem smiles wide and back flips away out of view.  Atrius rushes in throwing multiple blows at Kova II who manages to block a few but gets hit with a ruthless kick to the side of the head that drops him flat to the ground.  Atrius proceeds to try and stomp Kova II while he’s down.  Kova II does his best to block and cover up.

Kem reappears and attempts to make a diving stab at Kova II who moves out of the way a split second before Kem lands with his sickle.  Atrius suddenly clutches at his abdomen again and then begins to tremble as sweat beads down his face.  Kem also suddenly clutches at his abdomen.  Both emperors faces are gripped with severe pain.  Kova II smiles as he recognizes the suffering looks on both Atrius and Kem’s faces. Suddenly Rose appears from within the members of the Ghost Blue Council. She walks into the chamber and addresses Atrius and Kem as they both now begin to bleed from the mouth and have dropped their weapons.

Rose has a plate in her hand with a slice of the desert cake they had eaten at the “Feast Of The Emperors”.  She places it on the ground.  Kova II makes his way to the Sword Of Omnipotence and removes it from it’s place.  Rose “Emperors Atrius and Kem, good evening.  I am undoubtedly as you might have guessed by now… your Empress Rose.  It’s been such a long time since we last saw each other.  By the looks on your faces you two don’t appear to be feeling so well.  I’m so sorry to see that.  I know that Emperor Kova would have enjoyed the look on your faces as they are right now.

Atrius “Sow!!! What have you done to us?  Atrius trembling clutches at his abdomen once more.  Kem has fallen to both his knees he asks Atrius what’s happening to them.  Kem starts back to his feet and receives a violent punch to the side of his head from Kova II that sends blood spraying out of his mouth.  A knee is then driven into his face that sends him flying onto his back.  Atrius with his remaining strength waning starts to back track towards one of the mirrored walls.

He notices that the front entrance to his room is blocked by several members of the Ghost Blue Council.  In a flash back we see Rose incognito working in the imperial kitchen and mixing an unknown liquid with the crème used in the making of the desert cake.  In another flash back we see Rose growing herbs back in Goldell and making tinctures and concoctions in the kitchen.  Atrius struggles to retrieve his sword while retreating towards the rear walls of his chamber.  Kova II stalks him holding his fathers sword in his hands for the first time.

Atrius turns to start to run for the wall when an object comes flying in from the side and takes off his left leg.  He falls and howls in agony as his leg is completely severed just below the knee.   He turns while clutching at his severed leg just in time to see Kova II rushing towards him.  He lets out a scream as Kova II slides in towards him and severs his head clean off his shoulders with the “Sword Of Omnipotence”.  Kem shrieks Nooooooo!! As Atrius’ head rolls away from his limp body.  It’s now just Kova II and Kem.

Kem appears out of nowhere rushing Kova II from behind.  He tackles Kova II who rolls over and manages to trap the ankle of Kem in a grip of the “Golden Eagle”.  He wrenches hard and sharp on Kem’s ankle and a snap and pop is heard.  Kem screams in great agony with a long wailing shriek recognizing his ankle has been snapped.  The pain causes him to black out momentarily.  Kem begins to plead with Kova II for mercy.

Suddenly Kova II releases Kem’s ankle and backs away from him.  Kem hobbled tries to stand and is on shaky legs to say the least.  Kova II changes to “Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino” and stalks Kem who tries to circle away.  Kova II rushes Kem and tackles him into a wall cracking the mirror and dropping Kem.  Kova II delivers a series of powerful punches before catching Kem’s unprotected arm and separating his shoulder.  Kem screams in agony.  He then receives an elbow to the face and a debilitating uppercut to the gut that causes him to vomit on the spot before collapsing to the ground.  Still trying to get back to his feet Kem’s arm is hanging loosely at his side and his severely injured ankle prevents him from putting any weight on it.  Kova II rushes Kem holding both Atrius’ sword and his father’s “Sword Of Omnipotence” in his hands.  He  spears Kem with both blades before lifting Kem into the air while still impaled on both swords.

Kem convulses in the air before dropping his head.  He’s dropped to the ground and Kova II removes the “Sword Of Omnipotence” from his abdomen.  Rose comes forward and embraces her son.  “You’ve done well my son. I am proud of you and your father is proud of the man and the emperor you’ve become.” A ghost blue council member steps forward and addresses Kova II.  “Your highness congratulations on completing the imperial tests.  You conquered your enemies avenged your father’s murder while restoring honor to your mother Empress Rose leaving no doubt that you deserve to sit upon the throne.  Hail Emperor Kova II!”  Everyone in attendance responds with a resounding “Hail”.  “Your highness these belonged to your father Emperor Kova.  The Eight Scrolls of the “Nine Deadly Arts” are brought forth and shown to Kova II.  “At last the Scrolls are returned to their rightful place”.  They will be taken to imperial library chamber where they will be safe.

The scrolls are taken by two council members who exit to place them in their final destination within the imperial library.  Kova II, his mother and Rendu embrace each other.  As they embrace the scene shifts to the ghost blue council members who are taking the scrolls to their final destination.  As they turn down a corridor that will take them to the imperial library they are suddenly attacked by two other hooded council members in an ambush where they are stabbed and bludgeoned for the scrolls.  The two attackers hide the downed council members in a room and try to make a quick retreat out of the palace through a side entrance to the imperial grounds.  Once outside they remove their hoods.  Atrius and Kem are still alive and have the long sought after secrets of the “Nine Deadly Arts” in their possession.

Kova II and the Ghost Blue Council have been fooled by the body doubles of the emperors.  Atrius decides to take a look at one of the scrolls he opens it and unrolls it.  A surprised look comes over his face.  Kem asks “what’s wrong?”  “It is blank.”  Kem feverishly opens another scroll and unravels it.  It too is blank.  Atrius swears and tosses the blank scrolls aside.  “They are all blank.  Kem let’s get out of here.” The two men begin to run when they see that their path on the way to the imperial gates has been blocked by Ghost Blue Council members.

They’d suspected for quite sometime that the council had been infiltrated by the emperors spies and needed to be sure they got the real emperors as well as preserve the secrets of the “nine”.  Atrius and Kem suddenly begin to  feel ill and vomit while sweating and cursing their misfortune at stealing the scrolls.

They stagger away from the blocked pathway and take a corridor out into the imperial courtyard at the front of the palace where Rose and Kova II along with the true members of the council known as the “Golden Council” lay in wait for them.  This time there will be no escape for the traitors and the imperial army waits outside the palace grounds as the final battle is waged.  Rose stands alongside her son and Rendu.  Weapons are thrown to Kem and Atrius as Rose Rendu and Kova II prepare to battle them.

Atrius realizing pretense is over removes part of his robe revealing a large tattoo covering half his back and half his chest.  He also removes his pants revealing short pants underneath.  His right leg reveals a blade attachment that is connected over his knee.  The blade is the length of the prosthetic leg covering he removed. The blow he received from emperor Kova cost him his leg.  Now the real battle begins.

Empress Rose attacks Kem with “Hummingbird” & “Crane”.  On her index fingers are long iron talons.  Kem utilizing his mastery of “Mad Elephant Meets Black Rhino” and “Rams Circle Of Influence” attacks ruthlessly in retaliation which Rose quite easily handles.  She suddenly changes to a Deadly Art that appears unpredictable.  It starts with a slow swaying from side to side with an alternating roll of the shoulders backwards her arms flowing in loose ranges of motion.  She starts moving towards Kem who is backpedaling now.  Rose reaches within several feet of him and stops frozen in spot not moving a muscle.

In a flash we see Kova II sitting in a chair in a chamber.  He is absolutely still not moving a muscle.  He is all of 13 years of age and not physically developed as that of the man who killed General Shumagi.  A voice is calling his name over and over asking if he can hear him.  Slowly his trance like state dissipates and his vision becomes clear he can focus and see his surroundings more clearly.  A face is coming out of a blurry mass into a sharper image.  A man of elderly age is questioning Kova II.  Asking if he knows who he is? He tells the elderly man that he is Kova II son of Emperor Kova and Empress Rose the rightful heir to the throne of the Empire.  Behind Kova II is an entire room of “Golden Council” members.  These are the elite of the elite generals, lieutenants, and warriors in the empire chosen by Emperor Kova himself to continue the traditions he established as emperor and master of the “Nine Deadly Arts”.

Kova II is on trial in front of “The Golden Council” because he actually murdered his father and poisoned his mother for the crown.  He was the one who had both his forearms snapped by his father when he realized what his son had been doing trying to finish him off in his weakened state.  Using his last bits of strength he maimed his son by breaking his forearms and kicking his leg in an attempt to keep him away.  The poisoned desert cake Kova II was able to avoid because it was how he had been poisoning his father.

In his paranoid psychotic schizophrenic state Kova II’s created this story of conspirators who killed his parents and sat on the throne.  He has come to avenge the very deed that he’s committed.   He is explaining his story to the real “Golden Council” who will decide his fate.  Atrius, Rayke, & Kem are in fact Kova II.  The three emperors are the multiple personality creations of Kova II to place the blame for what he’s actually done.  In his mind he’s the hero avenging murder and his throne when in reality he has been the murderer and stolen the seat he would have inherited eventually.  He’d never mastered any of the “Nine Deadly Arts” and was seeking the scrolls to completely master what he hadn’t.

The Council members look at each other perplexed.  The head of the Golden Council members named Sirmond speaks.  “Clearly Kova II is mentally disturbed he couldn’t have known what he was doing when he murdered his father and mother.  On the other hand this kind of treachery can’t go unpunished.  We must vote on his fate now.  All in favor of his guilt and therefore punishment by death manifest it with an Aye and raised hand.  A resounding Aye is heard from within the council with raised hands.  All those opposed manifest it with a Nay and raised hand.  Resounding Nays are also heard and hands are raised.  Sirmond looks at all the council members.  Half of the members have agreed on the death penalty for Kova II.  The other half have voiced their opposition.  The council turn their attention to Sirmond who has the deciding vote.

Sirmond looks at Kova II while pondering his dilemma.

Fade to black

Written by

Steve Dzaba

All images are the property of (c) 2016.  All rights reserved.

Photo/Image Credits – Steve Dzaba


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