Social Critique Portrait Series: Freedom Come 2.0

Freedom Come 2.0

Today we learn that the man who killed an unarmed former NFL running back Joe McKnight is released with no charges filed.  Can someone explain why this guy is allowed with no explanation of what was said by this killer of Joe McKnight to the police after murdering him in the middle of the street?  Open season on men of color continues as the criminal justice system not only peeks through the “blindfold” but actually takes it off entirely and looks the other way in its application of what’s a lawful and unlawful taking of a human life when it comes to us Black men.  Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Joe McKnight.  RIP. Awaiting God’s justice because man’s is BS!

Image is the property of (c) 2016.  All rights reserved.

Photo/Image Credit – Steve Dzaba

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