Food Portrait Series: The Elevation Burger!!!


Shot on location @ Elevation Burger in Purchase, NY. The glory of a good burger...mmmm!!!!!

Shot on location @ Elevation Burger in Purchase, NY. As Jules once said in Pulp Fiction I sure do love the taste of a good burger…mmmm!!!!! Lmao!

The Elevation Burger

This behemoth is all organic, never frozen beef and starts with three quarter pound patties.  I added an extra patty, ketchup & mayo as well as jalapenos just to get things rolling.  I had to opt for cheddar cheese as they for some inexplicable reason don’t have American.  I mean we’re in America, you’re selling burgers how in the world don’t you have American cheese for all those glorious patties? Also as a side note which is definitely worth the mention.  You can add all the way up to (10) patties on this burger.  That’s right!!!! (10) burger patties sandwiched between two buns and as many slices of cheese as you’re willing to pay for. (Each additional patty costs $2.60.) All I could say is Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory!!!! as my taste buds sang while I savored each bite of this impressive and absolutely delicious burger.  It most definitely should be a candidate for Man V Food if that ever comes back.  As I left from this establishment I wondered why in the hell don’t we have this in the city?

Image is the property of (c) 2016.

Photo Credit – Steve Dzaba

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