Abstract Portrait Series:Ethereal Flow Liquid Smoke (Colors)

😀 Abstract Portrait Series: Ethereal Flow (Colors)Welcome to my Abstract Portrait Series: Ethereal Flow Liquid Smoke (Colors)

Some times you have to let the abstract journey of life just lead you and give you the experiences that help shape and mold the person you’re meant to be and have always been. Life is a lot like this piece. What do you see in it?

Go on add some modern style and flair to your walls with this unique piece.  This new release will be available for custom order only.  A very limited number of these will be reproduced.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect my modern art rarities.  I don’t slack a minute!

Every limited edition portrait piece is reproduced in high end art gallery quality and comes ready to hang right out of the box.  For sizing/pricing inquiries feel free to leave a message below.  Thanks for stopping by http://www.frozenropephotography.com.

This piece is dedicated to my better half and our lives together.  You are the best part of my life. I love you more than words can say, to the stars and back.  Forever and a day.

Image/Photo Credit – Steve Dzaba

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2019.  All rights reserved

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