Abstract Portrait Series: The Inkblot (Legacy America) W & B Drip!!!

Abstract Portrait Series The Inkblot Legacy America W & B DripAbstract Portrait Series: The Inkblot (Legacy America) White & Black Drip!!!

With all of the mass shootings going on in this country I felt the timing was right to release this portrait.  America’s legacy has come to the forefront for the entire world to see.  The reaping of what she has sewn since her inception is ramping up.

No longer can America deny its white supremacist terrorist root structure.  No longer can she deny the countless bodies and oceans of blood she has shed in her construction and maintenance of an evil corrupt system of government that has stolen, oppressed, sickened, murdered and enslaved to gain all of her riches and glory.

People are now slowly starting to wake up from the deceptive dream state she has had the whole world under.  For the longest time all we would see and hear on television is that the “Black Man” is evil, violent, a thug and criminal.  The world was told that we’re less than human (3/5’s) blood thirsty, wild super predators.

Ask yourself who painted this picture for the world and who are actually the ones fitting that description?  Who are the ones going out routinely committing acts of terror such as Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora, Vegas, Dayton, El Paso, and the Florida shootings?

God has let her do all she wanted up to a point and now the curses are coming to bear fruit upon her.  Always remember that what goes around comes around.  You can’t do wickedness in perpetuity and expect no consequences.  People now cry and moan for more gun control as another two white supremacist cowards went on a hate filled rampage wounding and killing as many as they could.  History is repeating itself.  Art imitates life and their time is coming to an end.  This is why just like the devil they are angry and doing as much destruction as they can before their time’s up.

Image/Photo Credit – Steve Dzaba

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.


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