Abstract Portrait Series: The Inkblot No.8 Questioning!

😦 Abstract Portrait Series: The Inkblot No.8 Questioning!

This portrait is dedicated to the memory of Joshua Brown who was gunned down just days after he testified in the Amber Guyger murder trial in which his testimony was a critical part of refuting Guyger’s claims to have yelled ” Let me see your hands” before she blasted Botham Jean in his chest leaving him to die on the floor of his own apartment.  Joshua Brown was assassinated in a heinous fashion wherein he was shot in the chest and mouth. We all know it was a message to anyone who would testify against the police in any wrongdoing they commit.  The mainstream media then says an arrest was made and that Joshua Brown a man who managed (4) Airbnb’s was killed in a drug deal gone bad. All I can think is GTFOH! Question EVERYTHING. It doesn’t ring true what the news is reporting. What’s more likely here?

Who stands to gain from his death in an appeal of the guilty verdict?

Why would a married man who has a legit job, never been in trouble with the law, and just testified against the police officer who was found guilty of murder be selling drugs in the parking lot where he lives?

The obvious answer is they are LYING!!! Joshua Brown heard Botham Jean sing and never heard Amber Guyger yell “Let me see your hands” or “Show me your hands”.  It appears his own murder was orchestrated because he spoke the truth and Amber Guyger was convicted (rightfully so) even though the sentence isn’t befitting the crime. She should have gotten life or at the very least 25 years to life.

This is why that spineless fool Brandt Jean’s words in the victim impact statement portion of the trial and his open hugging of the murderer of his blood brother are so grievous and troublesome to us as a people. Brandt Jean’s weakness in saying he loved his brothers murderer and that there shouldn’t be any consequences for evil doing have made it even more dangerous for us collectively.

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2019.  All rights reserved.

Image credit – Steve Dzaba

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