Abstract Portrait Series: Ethereal Wave Rider (This Is America) Limited Edition

😀 Abstract Portrait Series: Ethereal Wave Rider (This Is America) Limited Edition

Image Credit – Steve Dzaba

This limited edition portrait is inspired by flowers, just one of the infinite and amazing creations of God.

I’m dedicating this particular limited edition to the Senate Impeachment trial of Potus Donald J. Trump.  Here two sides of the same bird are seemingly against each other.  What we are to take away from all this political theater is a true test of the checks and balances of the government founded in the Constitution of the United States.  Does Congress have the power to impeach the President? And should it matter what year it occurs in when the crimes alleged to have been committed are so clear and present a danger to the republic?

This shouldn’t be hard to figure out.  Common sense and the intent of the framers of the Constitution is at stake as well as freedom of the citizens of the United States.  The point becomes belabored when you have agents of evil and enemies of the USA working together in defense of a puppet President to not just erode but openly destroy the fabric of a Democratic Republic and what governance by rule of law and the will of the people is.

There is no defense for what Trump has done.  The fact is damn near every argument his lawyers puts up are “straw man” arguments to distract all who are watching.  This president believes he is above the law and can break it and refuse to be checked or challenged. If Trump’s lawyers are so confident he did nothing wrong they shouldn’t oppose having first hand witness testimony of one John Bolton or a “whistle-blower”.

The country is one step closer to absolute tyranny if the Senate refuses to hear witnesses and acquits at the conclusion of this trial.  Those who are in the Senate who support what Trump did and admitted to doing with his own foul mouth need themselves to be voted out of office in defense of the nation, the Constitution and what it’s supposed to represent.

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.

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