Abstract Portrait Series: Covid19 Respirator Mask Blue

😀 Abstract Portrait Series: Covid19 Respirator Mask Blue

So, while bored at home I decided to create some new abstracts and came up with this one which immediately said to me this is where we are as a society modern day.  Not leaving the house without a mask on the face and gloves on the hands.  Social distancing is priority number one.  Imagine if we were all forced to wear respirator masks like what we see in film except the people wearing them are the average person like you and me.  Imagine not knowing what it feels like to breathe fresh air having known what that’s like all your life.  Imagine facing this as reality today.  I don’t think many of us could stand it.  I’ve seen plenty of people wearing masks but not covering their noses.  Wearing the mask but under the chin not covering the nose and mouth.  Would we all adapt if respirators were required just to go outside? Food for thought.  This abstract is inspired by God’s glorious creations that are flowers.

Image credit – Steve Dzaba

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2020.  All rights reserved.

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