Abstract Portrait Series: 2020 (Burnished Gold Limited Edition)

:0 Abstract Portrait Series: 2020 (Burnished Gold Limited Edition)

Inspired by flowers. Just one of God’s innumerable and amazing creations.

This abstract really speaks to its name sake.  It seems as though there’s one massive thing looming over the entire year as of now.  It’s been a year full of so much death and despair while wealthy elites push the buttons of the economy as we remain in a state of “lock down”.

Some positives to take from this experience though are the countless ways all the ills of the world are exposed. The disgusting state of affairs when it comes to extreme wealth and extreme poverty is exposed.  The heinous state of affairs when it comes to the healthcare system is exposed.  The egregious and repugnant amount of corporate greed there is as the nation spends record sums of money to keep the economy going is exposed.  Just how corrupt and stupid Trump is especially as a sitting President gets exposed.

Just how dire things are for us everyday working class people who live pay check to paycheck gets exposed. The blatant lies and inaccuracies of where it came from and how Corona virus (aka Covid 19) hit the entire world gets exposed.

However, none of that is more stark than showing the world itself, as we now have no excuse to ignore the continuous murders and injustices we suffer as God’s chosen.  It can’t be denied.  Things are going to change and that very soon.  It’s in the face of the entire world and occurring wherever we are.  R.I.P to Ahmaud Arbery and Sean Reed.  May God grant your souls peace when he renders his judgment and may your families find peace and comfort when true justice is meted out against your killers.

Image credit – Steve Dzaba

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2o20.  All rights reserved.


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