Abstract Portrait Series: The Ego Mylar (Almost 3qtr Inflated) 2 Dark Purple


Abstract Portrait Series: The Ego Mylar (Almost 3Qtr Full) 2 Dark Purple

Inspired by God’s glorious creations that are flowers.

Back again with the followup limited edition version of my Ego Mylar Series. The way things look coming from the White House, I think this the perfect time to resume this series. Dark Purple says to me a “royal” malevolence that’s growing. When you can clear peaceful protesters out with heavy handed violence just to take a photo holding a alleged “bible” in front of a church, shows the level of abusive petty evil the president will exact on the citizens of this nation.  When you can shove a 75 year old citizen to the floor cracking his skull on the pavement and walk by him barely concerned even as blood pours out of his ear.  We know the times we’re living in now.  The Orwellian/Star Wars Clone Army turned Storm troopers are revealing themselves every day. They think they are in control but little do they know, God’s in control. What think you?

Image credit – Steve Dzaba

Theme track for this piece is titled “What” by Edmon Washington

Image is the property of http://www.frozenropephotography.com (c) 2020. All rights reserved.

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